What is a Funeral Parlor?

A funeral parlor, funeral home or mortuary, is an industry that offers funeral and interment services for the deceased as well as their loved ones. These services could include an arranged funeral and wake, as well as the facility of a chapel meant for the interment.


Funeral parlors arrange services according to the desires of surviving family and friends, whether immediate close relative or an executor in a legitimate will. The funeral parlor handles the essential permits, paperwork, and other particulars, for example making preparations with the burial ground, as well as providing announcements to the media.

There are some common kinds of services in the USA. A customary funeral service entails a viewing (occasionally denotes a visitation), a memorial service within a house of worship, or the funeral parlour Chapel, as well as a graveside interment service.

Direct cremation entails the funeral parlor getting the dead body, preparing it for filing the essential legal documents and the crematory. Immediate/direct burial is a foregoing of a memorial ceremony for a quick, simple burial. Transporting a dead body between funeral parlors entails preparing it for delivery in a casket secured into an arbitrary, or a combination unit (airtray/mac pac). This is widespread when it’s to be buried within a different area than where the individual passed away.

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When a dead body is transported to a funeral parlor, it is occasionally embalmed in order to delay the decomposition. The process typically entails removing enough blood material so as to put up the dyes and preservative chemicals, suctioning the internal organs as well as setting facial features.

Make-ups are utilized with the family’s consent to enhance the look of the hands and face for a natural appearance. If the hands or face are re-disfigured by accident, decomposition or illness, the embalmer could use restorative methods to make them well turned-out for an open casket service. If this is not likely, or if the family does not wish this, the funeral parlor can implement a closed casket service.

The funeral parlor frequently reserves one or more big areas for folks to gather during a visit. This area could have a space to show the body within a casket to guests who will pay respect. Memorial services and funeral may as well happen at the funeral parlor. Numerous funeral parlors provide pre-arrangement choices for those people who desire to plan and organize their own memorials.

Numerous big multi-national businesses in this field of service have acquired publicity from prominent litigation. The Loewen Group, Inc., acquired a particularly huge jury verdict within Mississippi, USA which was soon discovered to be mistaken as the claims against The Loewen Group proved untrue. The Canadian-based corporation then brought a lawsuit against the US claiming damages under N.A.F.T.A.. Moreover, Houston-based Service Corporation International has had their portion of legal dilemmas with the methods of their funeral parlors as well as cemetery procedures.

In 2011, the entire funeral parlors income in the USA was $13.6 billion.

Not all deaths are caused by natural or legitimate circumstances. There are cases wherein the death of a loved one may be the cause of a negligence. If you happen to have suffered a wrongful death case, then don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury attorney to help you make a claim.